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ARCLines is an ongoing project documenting the origins of artist-run centres in British Columbia. The project focuses on significant archival images, original mandates, history of founding artists and other materials pertinent to the inception of local artist-run activity and is edited by Allison Collins.

Institutions by Artists: Vol. One

Institutions by Artists: Volume One presents a collection of texts addressing artist-run culture and initiatives around the globe. Newly commissioned essays include AA Bronson’s “Transfiguration of the Bureaucrat;” Vincent Bonin’s “Malaise dans le réseau: sur l’absence de la critique institutionnelle au Canada”; and Peta Rake’s “Inclusivity, Difference, and Isolation: Artist-Run Spaces in Brisbane,” as well as a conversation with Ola Khalidi and Diala Khasawnih of Makan, Amman, Jordan.

Fillip Editions
19 × 11.5 cm
2012, English and French $20.00
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Institutions by Artists: Vol. Two

Institutions by Artists: Volume Two
Pacific Association of Artist run Centres and Fillip Magazine are pleased to present essays commissioned for or re-printed as part of Institutions by Artists: Philip Monk: “Crises (and Coping) in the Work of General Idea”; Matt Post & Chris Fitzpatrick: "A Productive Irritant: Parasitical Inhabitations in Contemporary Art", Christopher Regimbal: "Institutions of Regionalism: Artist-collectivism in London, Ontario, 1960-1990", Dana Claxton and Tania Willard: "Imperfect Compliance: A Trajectory of Transformation", Tania Bruguera: "Manifesto on Artists' Rights", Jesi Khadivi:"Artmoreorless: The Early Performances of Asco", Claire Tancons and Chris Cozier: "No More Than a Backyard on a Small Island."

Considering Artist-run Centres

Considering Artist-run Centres is a compilation of essays and reports, commissioned for ArcPost or reprinted from Fillip magazine, that centre on artists' self-organization in diverse historical and geographical contexts.


Associations is a series of conversations between Kristina Lee Podesva and members of international artist-led groups, collectives and organizations.