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Repertoire of BC ARCs' Publications

The Repertoire of BC ARCs’ Publications indexes print publications produced by BC ARCs since 1967. Since the inception of the first artist-run centre in BC (Intermedia in 1967) the artist-run community has fostered the creation of a large archive of publications, print ephemera, audiovisual recordings as well as organizational and institutional records. This collective archive documents the rich contributions that BC artist-run centres have made (and continue to make) to the province’s cultural ecology.


The searchable feature of the database is a resource for research that draws connections between material produced by different publishing centres.

Publications indexed in the Repertoire are searchable by: publishing centre, artist, author, curator, media, date and through key words.


The Repertoire is an open resource managed by members of the BC artist-run community. Artist-run or artist-led initiatives across the province can add their publications to the database by creating an organization profile.

To do so, access the Repertoire home page. click “Log in/Register” in the top right corner, then click “Register new user.”

Development of the Repertoire of BC ARCs’ Publications was made possible thanks to the generous contributions of the Friends of the BC Archives Foundation through the Terry Reksten Memorial Fund. PAARC is also grateful to the staff of Indivision, who contributed to the design and development of the database. Thank you to the work and dedication of Stéphane Bernard and Susan Bernal Clavijo whose contributions were invaluable to the development of the database’s content.

Project Coordination: Mariane Bourcheix-Laporte

Research Interns: Stéphane Bernard and Susan Bernal Clavijo

Design: Indivision

Curated Reading Lists

PAARC has collaborated with the grunt gallery, the Or Gallery, VIVO Media Arts Centre, Open Space and Alternator Centre for Contemporary Art to commission curatorial research drawing from the print material indexed in the Repertoire of BC ARCs’ Publications. Lorna Brown, Lucas Glenn, Tarah Hogue, Robin Simpson, and Benjamin Willems were commissioned to produce thematic curated readings lists and accompanying essays highlighting particular moments and orientations specific to BC’s artist-run histories. Through the publication of these reading lists, we hope to stimulate renewed interest in the practices and histories of BC ARCs from the particular perspective of their publishing activities.

The project was launched on June 6, 2015 at VIVO Media Arts Centre, Vancouver. For this occasion, the five commissioned curators presented their research and discussed issues pertaining to the history of artist-run publishing in BC.

Lorna Brown We Talk

Commissioned by the Or Gallery

Lucas Glenn Okanagan Artist-Run Centres and Their Use of Regional Terrain as an Access Point to Social Narratives

Commissioned by Alternator Centre for Contemporary Art

Tarah Hogue Indigenous Women Artists in Artist-Run Centres

Commissioned by the grunt gallery

Robin Simpson Something Like This

Commissioned by VIVO Media Arts Centre

Benjamin Willems Lost, lo-fi book objects that have something to teach normal book objects

Commissioned by the Open Space