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ArcPost: A Project of the Pacific Association of Artist Run Centres

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Arcpost’s Features brings together a collection of profiles, interviews, and critical articles that focus on the histories, new developments, and aspirations of artist-run culture and initiatives.

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  2. Institutions by Artists: Vol. One
  3. Institutions by Artists: Vol. Two
  4. Considering Artist-run Centres
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Institutions by Artists

Institutions by Artists is a three day, international event that evaluates and activates the performance and promise of contemporary artist-run centres and initiatives.

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Pacific Association of Artist-run Centres (PAARC) is delighted to announce new artworks commissioned as part of the Institutions by Artists Project. These works use the surplus production of organizational processes such as "information" and "procedure" to generate art, simultaneously enacting and commenting upon the institution as a malleable phenomenon.

  1. Tarah Hogue: Indigenous Women Artists in Artist-Run Centres
  2. Lorna Brown: We Talk
  3. Lucas Glenn: Okanagan Artist-Run Centres and Their Use of Regional Terrain as an Access Point to Social Narratives
  4. Robin Simpson: Something Like This
  5. Benjamin Willems: Lost, lo-fi book objects that have something to teach normal book objects
  6. Instant Coffee: Institutions by Artists: Wrap Party!
  7. Donato Mancini: Resources (Cenotaph)
  8. Pelin Tan and Anton Vidokle: 2084
  9. Artifact Institute: Study 1: Participants in the Institutions by Artists Convention
  10. Kathleen Ritter & James B. Maxwell: Call to Order