Instant Coffee Institutions by Artists: Wrap Party!

Sunday, October 14
8 pm
Open Studio
2nd Floor, 252 East 1st Avenue
Free and open to the public

Co-hosted by Fillip, grunt, Or Gallery, New Forms Festival and Western Front.

To close out the conference, join us for a celebration of the weekend’s events and the launch of Instant Coffee’s GOOD NEWS # 5 with sound and image provided by DJs Eli Bornowsky and Julia Feyrer.


As part of Institutions by Artist: The Convention, the artist collective Instant Coffee will publish issue #5 of GOOD NEWS. GOOD NEWS is a small handmade magazine produced on the occasion of an event and typically based on one question to form a responsive journal.

For this issue Instant Coffee has invited select attendees of The Convention to take NOTES at one of the ten sessions to be published as part of GOOD NEWS #5.

This issue will act as peripheral document of some of the concepts and concerns raised at The Convention with a marked focus on audience experience. The structure of each session is based on a traditional symposium format with a defined forum for audience response. Two of the sessions will not allow direct audience participation. In response to this format, Instant Coffee will publish some immediate recitations, reflections and reactions by publishing unedited notes from various audience members. The notes will not necessarily offer a direct record of each conference session, but will reveal a more contemplative rumination, capturing breaks in attention, wandering trains of thoughts and tangential commentary.

For a full list of contributors please contact for more information.

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