Institutions by Artists Session Nine

Nowhere / Erehwon

Artist-run initiatives have founded numerous alternative networks for the production and distribution of culture and information, and have used new and existing channels to facilitate and circulate contemporary art discourse via printed matter, magazines, online projects, and classes, among other mediums. With a focus on communication and discourse, the proliferation of artist-run magazines and publishing houses, free schools, and other forms attests to the need and desire to connect artists and audiences in conversation, whether regionally or further afield. This session will gather participants to discuss current circulation strategies and identify critical sites for new discursive production in varying geographic scales and contexts.


Bastien Gilbert
Virginija Januškevičiūtė
Baltic Notebooks of Anthony Blunt
Karen Mirza and Brad Butler
Museum of Non-Participation
Claire Tancons and Christopher Cozier
Alice Yard


Robin Simpson