Institutions by Artists Session Two

Institutional Time: Facts & Fictions

During its co-emergence with countercultural movements of the 1960s and 1970s, artist-run initiatives in North America provided a space for the presentation and legitimization of experimental work and for the assertion of socially progressive and politically radical ideas and questions. In making such spaces available, artist-run initiatives have operated alternately as flashpoints for heated debates and controversies, as well as platforms for social understanding and re-imagining for their audiences. Sites for both mythmaking and reality checking, artist-run initiatives have been fraught with contradictions and yet have offered rare opportunities for exercising artistic, social, and political potential. Inspired by the nuances and paradoxes of artist-run institution building, presenters in this session will reflect on incidents, whether fictional or factual, from the histories of artist-run initiatives to project foreseeable futures.


Marie-Josée Jean and Walter Benjamin
Slavs and Tatars
Eva Weinmayr


Amy Zion